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Digital Mindfulness

Jan 4 2022

I’m not normally one for new year’s resolutions. Mostly because I’ve found it hard to make lasting changes to my habits in the past. This year, though, I’ve got a pretty open-ended one: to be more mindful and intentional about how I use digital technology and the Internet.


At Home

Mar 18 2020

Last Wednesday, Penn extended Spring Break by a week and moved classes online for a semester in response to the threat of COVID-19. The same day, the WHO declared the virus’s global spread officially a pandemic. In the days since, I’ve packed up my dorm room and moved home. I’ve tried to see how I could use this time effectively — tackling projects I wouldn’t necessarily have time for in a busy college schedule, and learning new skills. Here’s a good a place as any to jot down some of my ideas, and hopefully it’ll keep me somewhat accountable.