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One of my first posts on this blog in 2020 was about my experience switching from VSCode to Emacs for all of my text/code editing work. I still agree with all of the benefits to Emacs I wrote about back then, and my posts on Obsidian show my respect for org-mode as a format and the ecosystem around it – especially org-agenda. However, as you might have noticed when the file extension on my posts switched from .org back to .md, I’ve moved on from Emacs for now. But I’m happy with how I’ve moved my good habits back to VSCode. Spending time on config gave me more confidence in my ability to configure software I use to my liking, and make software work for me rather than make me work for the software.


Switching to Emacs

Mar 31 2020

My personal editor journey has been kind of strange. I started off using Sublime Text for most things, and then switched over to JetBrains IDEs on a student license. JetBrains IDEs are pretty amazing — especially when it came to PyCharm’s Django support. One thing I started to worry about recently has been my reliance on a closed-source, and, once I’m out of college, pretty expensive editor. Sure, many employers pay for licenses, but it would be awesome if I could configure an editor that worked well for me and was also completely open-source.