Switching to Emacs

My personal editor journey has been kind of strange. I started off using Sublime Text for most things, and then switched over to JetBrains IDEs on a student license. JetBrains IDEs are pretty amazing – especially when it came to PyCharm’s Django support. One thing I started to worry about recently has been my reliance on a closed-source, and, once I’m out of college, pretty expensive editor. Sure, many employers pay for licenses, but it would be awesome if I could configure an editor that worked well for me and was also completely open-source.

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At Home

Last Wednesday, Penn extended Spring Break by a week and moved classes online for a semester in response to the threat of COVID-19. The same day, the WHO declared the virus’s global spread officially a pandemic. In the days since, I’ve packed up my dorm room and moved home. I’ve tried to see how I could use this time effectively – tackling projects I wouldn’t necessarily have time for in a busy college schedule, and learning new skills.

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My First Post

Hello, world! I just bought a domain name today (davi.sh) and am setting up the site. We’ll see how this goes! Hopefully it can get me to start blogging about cool stuff :)