Why limit myself to recommending blog posts? It’s a multimedia weekly this week!

  • How to Discover Your Own Taste: The Ezra Klein Show is a staple of my podcast rotation, and I thought this was a really thought-provoking episode that was a good one to listen to as the 2024 kicks into full gear. This newsletter is already part of my starting to cultivate my own taste more consciously — independent curation is how we fight back against the algorithms!
  • Redeployment Part One: brr.fyi has probably been my favorite blog of the past year. I love reading science fiction, and learning about what it’s like living at South Pole Station in Antarctica scratches that same itch for me as some of my favorite book series.
  • New in Fedora Asahi Remix: I maintain that the Asahi Linux development blog produces one of the best techincal release notes on the internet. Lots of interesting tidbits about Mac hardware and the internals of MacOS.
  • Is htmx Just Another JavaScript Framework?: A great article that also proves wrong Betteridge’s law of headlines. It’s great reading not just thoughts about the tools we make and use, but also thoughts about how to think about them.
  • What We Got Right, What We Got Wrong: Go is not my favorite programming language. Over time though, I’ve developed way more of an appreciation for why they made some of the design choices that I’ve disagreed with. This talk was another interesting piece of the puzzle.

From the Archives

  • Dennis Ritchie on & | vs. ==: Backwards compatibility is an issue that comes up all the time in database systems, and it was cool reading about how insurmountable it can feel, no matter the scale you’re dealing with. “Success” is always relative.

Two well-written deep dives into indie game development on the web this week to round out the Archives:

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