Happy Sunday! It was a short week this week, and I didn’t do as much reading as I would’ve liked. I did, however, finally start getting content I enjoy out of my YouTube recommendation algorithm: who could’ve known the Like button was useful for something?

From the webring

  • Teaching is DAG-building (Peyton Walters): Teaching is hard. It’s also difficult to pin down exactly what separates exceptional teachers from the rest. Peyton has some really great food for thought here on a mental model for teaching rooted in empathy with students.


  • Stick Season (Live on SNL) (Noah Kahan): Stick Season is not a happy song, but this performance from SNL last month transforms it into a triumphant one. You can feel the “holy shit, we’re playing SNL” energy through the screen, and it’s infectious. This song really launched Noah Kahan to popularity, and this performance drills home how good things can often sprout from painful experiences. This also sent me down a rabbit hole of Kahan’s most recent album which I think is pretty amazing all-around.

Out of the archives

  • Memory Allocation (Sam Rose): A succinct and clear explanation of how memory allocation works under the hood. The visualizations interspersed throughout the piece are wonderful — I hope I can move towards this style of article some day.

  • TypeScript is Suprisingly OK for Compilers (Alex Kladov): I don’t know if this was quite the intention of this post, but it was a great soft introduction to programming language implementation made even more accessible using a language that most developers already know.

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