It’s a snowy day in New York City! Nice day to post up in a warm and cozy café to watch it all go by.

Open Source

  • Paying people to work on open source is good actually (Jacob Kaplan-Moss): Anyone who believes that American capitalism properly rewards people for even just the economic value they provide to society should take some time learning about open source software. How to sustainably fund open source contributors is undoubtedly a Hard Problem with no Easy Answer. What is easy on the internet is letting idealism blind one to pragmatic, incremental solutions — Jacob steers clear of that with a great piece on how we should celebrate anyone who can make a living working on open source regardless of ideological purity.
  • Ghostty Devlog 006 (Mitchell Hashimoto): I’ve learned something from each of the Ghostty dev logs, and it’s inspiring seeing Mitchell pump out high-quality software year after year.
  • Numderline (Tristan Hume): Anyone who stares at benchmarks or log lines in their terminal will appreciate this font hack.

From the webring

  • Half My Life (Peyton Walters): A powerful reflection on motivation, craft and finding joy in what we do.

Technical Reference

  • Popular git config options (Julia Evans): A great list that I’ll be pulling into own config.
  • How to Center a Div (Josh Comeau): A common, simple question with complex answers broken down into easily understandable bits. A post that I’m sure to turn back to lots for a long time.

The kitchen sink

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